Sunday, June 13, 2010


Have you ever noticed how some words just have a negative or bad sound to them? “Disintegration” is one. Even though it means, simply, to break into small bits, we rarely see it used in a positive way. Sometimes it is used to describe an organization, company or even a relationship that is “falling apart.” Even in science fiction movies, we have seen aliens shot with a gun that breaks it up into bits and leaves nothing but a small pile of dust. Did you ever think about the fact that our bodies are really nothing more than that small pile of dust? What makes them appear like and act like more than dust? The fact is that they are INTEGRATED. All those molecules are forming cells, tissues, organs and systems. The body is acting as a whole. When the body stops acting as a whole, it loses its integrity. We even use terms to describe this situation like, “I feel like I’m falling apart” or “my body’s falling apart.” The body in actuality is not falling apart as much as it is breaking apart.

What is it that keeps us whole and maintains our physical integrity? It is what chiropractors call the “innate intelligence” of the body. This principle controls, integrates and coordinates the function of billions of cells every minute. Thousands of chemical reactions occur simultaneously at just the right instant to carry on every function of the body. All these functions are integrated without any thought on our part. To accomplish this task a complex coordinating system is needed. In the human organism this system is the nervous system. It integrates all these functions and probably many others about which we currently know nothing. However, for the nervous system to function as it should, its integrity needs to be maintained. When a vertebra in the spine becomes subluxated, the integrity of the nervous system is compromised. The result of this is that the cells that the nerves supply can no longer work in an integrated manner. The entire body is affected by this because every cell is dependent upon every other cell for the well-being of the whole. That’s what integration is. It is 25-30 quadrillion cells working together in harmony for a single goal, to keep you alive and healthy. That was the weakness of the attempts at racial integration in this country. We tried to integrate the races without replacing the hatred, animosity and resentment with love, respect and a desire to work together for the good of the whole. The human body is integrated, each cell working for the good of the whole under the direction of the body’s innate intelligence, which utilizes the nervous system to control and coordinate all of the parts. Vertebral subluxation interferes with the function of the nervous system and thereby causes the body to begin to disintegrate. Unfortunately, we do not often notice this disintegration right away. Just like in companies, organizations or relationships, the disintegration may not be obvious at first. If it was, perhaps we would be more likely to address it. That is the purpose of regular chiropractic adjustments, to maintain the integrity of the nervous system so that all the cells of the body will be integrated thereby successfully preventing any disintegration.